Providing creative solutions and new ideas by architects led to the development of architectural culture. For this reason, the correct use and innovative ideas is the most important part of architecture. The architectural design of abstract ideas and mental begins and then ends architectural design objective space

The idea gained knowledge, thought, awareness and knowledge existing in the minds and in direct contact with the world around him. The information from the outside world through the senses and the mind are acquired, play an important role in the genesis of the idea. That’s why John Locke says the idea comes from the mind of the senses. All things that exist in this world, such as a building, a natural form, or even a story and a poem can become catalysts for raising the idea in mind. Resources, ideas everywhere among the objects of everyday life, in nature, sciences, historic architecture, especially in the environment of the site. But a creative and curious mind to information on the environment that can devise creative ideas. The collection of information in the visual architecture significantly and are often derived from the observation of environmental projects, play an important role in shaping the architectural ideas.

Architecture has always dealt with various issues and factors affecting the formation of numerous projects. The main task of the architect to find the essence of each project is unique and original issue and respond to it with a strong idea. In this way, the idea is generated. It is natural that in the beginning or in the design due to the multiplicity of issues facing architecture, great ideas take shape. Here the role of the architect prioritize and refine ideas on the main issues and the integration of micro and macro idea is to achieve a coherent structure. At the stage of detailed design project can be tailored to the totality of ideas and design elements used

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Because architecture is an applied art and architecture we want to achieve tangible results, the ability to have known that the idea that we have been extracted and purified as a single, in a product or A process for the production of our architecture. Despite the extraordinary importance of architectural ideas, according to the ideas in architectural design and the neglect of other aspects such as architecture can form films with strong ideas gradually into oblivion, because Over time, the original meanings are forgotten and what remains is the form

After the formation of the idea in mind have become the path necessary to form. The known issues and events around the idea of ​​how to extract and convert it to a form of architecture is important, because the direct conversion of the things that have attracted our curiosity, and sometimes impossible, superficial and banal architecture is. A major problem in the design process to identify the main features of the phenomenon that architect architectural them as sources of ideas are considered. Curious mind or extract important features of what is known by the senses, extract and then using the strategies identified to form turns

Turning the idea to form an important part of architectural design. As much as the architecture is an important idea, the transition from stage to form ideas is important. The most sensitive and the most crucial issue at the beginning of a project’s central ideas is structural shape. The idea may have thought at the beginning pure and known elements Ghyrmmary thought, and then the idea of ​​architectural and eventually become a formal idea. Formal ideas with different forms, because ideas can be crystallized in different forms. Crystallization before a form to be determined, the strategy can be determined. The result may be the same idea with different design strategies lead to two different designs. Hence we can say that the idea of ​​the design materials and forms the crystallization process

Transforming ideas into form depends on two main criteria: the creation of the first ideas, skills and knowledge in relation to the designer ideas into form. The important thing is the ability to generate ideas and ideas into form, but it’s not something that exists on its own. The idea of ​​creating a source of and a designer in mind. The creative mind behind the banal or dumb stuff everyday phenomena can be studied and the ability to identify the job

As previously mentioned, they will perform architecture and communicates with the user space, form, and not the idea. But today, many important works rather than aesthetics and form processing note, to show their architectural ideas and therefore sometimes seem dry and schematic. In these works form serves and represents the idea of ​​it. Unsuccessful experience in architectural design architecture shows that the idea and form together could lead to the creation of permanent and brilliant.

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