Construction drawings

تهیه نقشه ساختمانی

in the preparation of construction drawings,Obviously, lack of attention to issues of architectural theory, computing and manufacturing facilities in the run and will have bugs that will lead to the building, that building as soon as possible by the implementation of the principles of protection and repair, continue building our life. Because in some cases, repair damage and casualties irreparable mistake in the will, to continue to review the standard and skills needed for drawing pay

Skills needed in drawing

Executive Producer and mapping building to convey the necessary information to performers and Astadkaranyky jobs in the construction industry is the most basic and vital to any project. With art and the ideas and plans Mhartyk planner with experience of Structural Engineers , mechanics, electricians, architects and designers are well understood in the form of standard maps, technical and administrative information associated with beautiful drawing and writing materials provide helpful background

Planner must be able to think along with drawing and Bfhmdkh each run advance the work of building components and materials and supplies How how are combined? And how it conducts its master craftsmen work and how different materials are coordinated. To the extent that the skills and experience can contribute a single planner is much stronger in the preparation of plans of action is building

      :Meet the Standards and Technical Information

Skills beautiful presentation drawings, design of housing and public buildings, to contribute to a better understanding of the design team needed. Understanding the principles and implementation phases of construction of concrete, steel and brick buildings in the local area, through regularly visits the construction sites draftsman is required for the job, because you must know that every master operator as one cartographer what draws you how to run it. Finally, knowledge of modern equipment, such as computers and printers Vtksyr drawing Vzyraks and Blueprint, the latest materials, products and construction techniques, regulations and standards on energy saving and fire or earthquake regulations and study continuous technical resources all have an important significance for Drawing

تهیه نقشه ساختمانی